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The Tourism in Fort Collins, Colorado

Do you plan on visiting Fort Collins, Colorado? Then perhaps you are interested in learning about the tourism located there so you can get as much from your visit as possible. Here we go!

1. New Belgium Brewing

One fabulous part of the tourism located in Fort Collins is New Belgium Brewing. In fact, it is not difficult to find breweries in the state of Colorado, and this can bring great fun to anyone stopping by the area.

Here you can take a tour of the brewery, and even enjoy some free samples! After your tour, you can enjoy some icy cold drinks and delicious food. Don’t forget to stop by the Italian flatbread food truck and grab a pizza to savor with your beer.

2. Annual Flower Trial Garden

Another excellent part of Fort Collins’ tourism is the Annual Flower Trial Garden, where you can enjoy some beautiful sights as you walk around with your loved ones. It is a very pleasant part of the area to spend some time in, and the best part? It’s free!

3. Museum of Discovery

The best part of visiting a new area is to learn about it via museums. And Fort Collins’ Museum of Discovery is certainly no exception when it comes to fabulous museums! This is a museum that offers a hands-on experience for all involving science and the history of Colorado. Kids and adults alike will have the opportunity to learn, have fun, and interact with all that this museum has to offer.

4. Puzzling Adventure

Another part of the tourism in Fort Collins? The Puzzling Adventure! This is a roughly 2-hour tour that allows you to wander and use your smartphone as a guide as you solve puzzles and challenges with the clues you are given around the city. The price varies according to the number you have traveling with you on your team.

5. Rocky Mountain Adventures

This is a tour that allows you and your party the opportunity to fish in Colorado waters as well as participate in rafting and even rent kayaks as you take in the beautiful natural scenery. You can even engage in fly-fishing classes and classes that teach you how to kayak.

In conclusion, the tourism in Fort Collins provides visitors with ample opportunity to have the best time possible while in this part of Colorado. If you find yourself in Fort Collins we definitely recommend you try some of the tourism opportunities on this list. You’ll be glad you did!

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Why You Should Visit Fort Collins Colorado

Now is the time to book a trip to Fort Collins Colorado. If you’ve never been there, then read the rest of this article. It will go over the top reasons why you should visit.

Old Town
If you’re a fan of shopping, then you’ll love Old Town, which tourists call Downtown. It doesn’t matter what you call it, Old Town is home to an array of shops of all kinds. You can easily spend a few hours shopping in the area. If you’re there in the summer, you’ll have plenty of activities to do, such as taking in a concert at the square or doing the Gallery Walk.

Also, there is an array of restaurants to dine out. Furthermore, you can catch live entertainment or pay a visit to the nightclubs in the area. These are only a few things you’ll have the chance to do in Old Town Fort Collins.

Hiking & Cycling
One of the best things to do in Fort Collins is to go hiking or cycling. In fact, the state park in the area has a track park that features plenty of jumps, and there is plenty of room for mountain bikers to cruise around. Not only that, but the park is surrounded with over 20 miles of biking and hiking trails, all of which range from easy to difficult. Some of the trails connect to the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space.

If you just want to cycle around Fort Collins, then head over to Old Town. You can use a loaner bike if you provide your ID and fill out an online form. However, this program is not available in the winter.

Craft Beer
There is no other place in America that has craft beer like Fort Collins. In fact, Fort Collins produces over 60% of the craft beer in Colorado. If that wasn’t impressive enough, there are over 15 craft breweries, and each microbrewery has their own features that makes them unique.

One of the best breweries in the city is New Belgium Brewing. However, there are many others you can visit. We suggest checking out as many as possible because you’ll love them all.

Those are only a handful of reasons to visit Fort Collins. You will love everything the city has to offer, including the above. All you need to do now is book a hotel in or around Fort Collins. Before you know it, you’ll be exploring this great city.